Dr Jakub Trefler is the initiator of Reuma Centrum. He is a specialist and consultant in internal medicine and rheumatology with years of experience in clinical practice in both Poland and the UK.

Dr. Jakub Trefler worked in Poland, among others, in the Department of Internal Medicine of the Praski Hospital in Warsaw (specialization in internal medicine) and the Institute of Rheumatology Spartańska in Warsaw, where he underwent specialist training in the field of rheumatology at the Department of Rheumatic Diseases, led by Professor Jack Pazdur, then at the Clinic and Policlinic of Connective Tissue Diseases, where under the supervision of Professor Jan Łącki prepared and in 2009 defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of rheumatology (topic related to rheumatoid arthritis).

Since 2010, Dr. Jakub Trefler is associated with the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior 137 Wołoska Street in Warsaw led by Professor Małgorzata Wisłowska. He works as a rheumatology consulatant and a lecturer providing rheumatology training to students of the Faculty of Medicine and English Division of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Dr. Jakub Trefler is the author and co-author of numerous scientific papers and academic textbooks in the field of rheumatology.

Dr. Jakub Trefler regularly participates in continuing vocational training, taking part in many courses, training courses and conferences, both in Poland and abroad.

In addition, Dr. Jakub Trefler underwent in recent years extensive theoretical and practical training in the field of ultrasounography of the musculoskeletal system being supervised and advised by the most prominent experts in the field. With the acquired knowledge and experience he is one of the proponents of the widespread use of musculoskeletal ultrasound examination in daily practice of every rheumatologist according to the best European and world standards.

Dr Jakub Trefler also has over 10 years of clinical experience in work in the UK, where he holds a GMC (General Medical Council) specialist registration in internal medicine and rheumatology. Dr Jakub Trefler worked in England, Scotland and Wales in NHS and private hospitals of the following healthcare groups: Ramsay, BMI, Capio Nightingale and Priory gaining practical experience in work in public and leading private health care hospitals in the UK.

Based on the above experience since 2010, Dr Jakub Trefler has become the Clinical Standards Partner for RMO International Healthcare LLP providing practical training, mentoring and supervision to over 150 doctors working as RMOs in over 60 private hospitals across the UK. In addition, from 2013, Dr Jakub Trefler cooperates closely with General Medical Council and NHS England as one of the ca. 700 so called Responsible Officers in the UK.

To make an appointment with Dr n. med. Jakub Trefler please contact the registration, phone:

22 225 01 10
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